Always Learning

20150830_194720_HDR    20150830_194704_HDR    20150830_194619_HDR

Pictures taken with a LG G Stylo Smart phone

Today while trying to unplug the black water storage, it gave an ideal about my blog post. We became member of camping world community after losing everything we owned in the fire at the Vacation Lodge Hotel where we were living at the time. The economy took its toll on so many families at that time as well as us. We survived and now we are living tiny! in a fifth wheel camper. The main thing we learned was the material things are just stuff and replaceable. The important was that our families and pets made it out of the fire safely. After the fire we were having so many problems getting paper work replaced along with so many other families; and with no home and not able to obtain a place to live we were stuck in an abyss. I thank God every day for my brother and sister-in-law for letting us live with them until we had the money to buy our camper. So I started writing about everything including my favorite topic the environment. You let a tragedy defeat you or you can blossom and grow from it. I chose to grow. So here I created a tranquil place under my fifth wheel, a minnie patio. Plus my cave, this is my room I created just for me to create my art, designs and writing. It is amazing what a person can achieve in a tiny space.


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