There is beauty in unwanted things

121  117    oscar and sheba

Unwanted items transformed. The cabinets were built out of recycle doors, furring stripes and the counter top was a piece of recycled plywood, using a jig saw to cut the wood, a tape measure, a piece of sand paper, a bottle of glue and a drill with screws to put it all together. There is beauty in a dog and cat laying peacefully side by side, they too were once unwanted.

My blog today stems from a mother yelling at her child because he knocked something over on the shelve which then fell on the floor and broke. The look on that child’s face brought back so many remembers of what that moment in time felt like. I enjoy writing because so there are many things to write about, but for me and so many other people like myself reading and writing is very difficult. Our minds work a little differently than the rest of the world around us. Growing up was really hard. School was no fun at all. Gym class was horrible, no one wants to have you on their team or their partner for any of the dances. Forget catching a ball or even trying to bat it, but you try anyway only to get picked on. Simple things like judging distance, left and right or putting on a stupid garden hose can be frustrating. Being Dyslexic is a real problem for so many children and adults. It is a real pain when writing and typing, trying to keep from scrambling words and spelling correctly. Another problem is typing taht instead of that or double typing words the the or even whole sentences or thoughts. Mirrors are really horrible, they make some Dyslexics extremely dizzy and unbalanced which make you feel like you have vertigo. There are advantages to having a problem like Dyslexic you become an over achiever and can see beauty in things that other people cannot see. Like items that people think are junk or just plain ugly we see beauty. We achieve and adapt. We can be proud of ourselves and of what we achieve. Like us, “Albert Einstein, one of the great minds of the century,” was Dyslexic. Many become scientist, photographers, artist, writers and entertainers and most of the time people do not even know they are Dyslexic. So when you see a child struggle to read or write or just knock something over. Stop before you get angry and think, is he or she is just miss behaving or does that child or my child have a problem. Just taking a moment to step back decide if maybe there is a reason for the problem can save a lot of heartache and problems for that child and their future.‎


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