Our Tiny Living Experience


“The tiny house movement.” There are shows on television that teaches a person or family how to live in a tiny space such as a tiny house on land, seas, wheels or even a tree house. They teach them how to pare down in order to live and function in a such a small space. I love watching these shows. We have been living in the tiny home world for almost six years now, due to circumstances. Boy have we have learned a lot. From packing everything we needed and what we though were important to us into one room in an extended stay hotel with a dog and three cats. We bought a hot plate and electric grill and my brother and sister-in-law gave us a mini refrigerator and crock pot. We were set! Right! so we thought. OK we moved all of our worldly possessions into the hotel room, plus the dog, now mind you he is not a small dog, but not really that big, thirty-three pounds or so and the three cats. The first thing we needed to do was to maneuver a path. That was fun! After the first day and the initial shock of the situation sunk in. You start to adapt. First you figure out what you need to use on a daily basis. Food, dishes, personal items, clothes, shoes etc. Then you derive a plan on where to put everything, that is a feat in its self. After every nook and granny is stuffed and you start setting up a makeshift kitchen. Then the reality strikes!  three cats, tight quarters and the litter house! First thing, change cat food, number one on list. Second, where in the heck do you put the litter house so the dog does not want a snack! Yuk! And then the mess. The bathrooms are really too small to put it there, so then where. My solution was to create a cave for the litter house; in the closet between boxes so the cats and I could get to it and the dog couldn’t, crisis averted! You learn what food will keep and how to store it. The best learning experience was washing dishes in the bathroom sink. Thank God for bleach and antibacterial dish soap. Then after a year of living in a hotel room the fire happened. The hotel burnt to the ground. Along with us, everyone living at the hotel lost everything we owned. In the days after the fire we learned the everything we thought we needed was just stuff and replaceable. The most important thing was our loved ones and most of the animals were safe. Living in a hotel room which is about an average of 325 square foot including the bathroom for about a month or two can be and eye opener. So with everything that you plan to take to a tiny house this is one way for a person or a family can discover whether or not they can survive tiny house living. Doing this is one way to find out before they spend the money on a tiny house. Now we live in a hundred and ninety-five square foot fifth wheel camper. We have a lot of room and losing everything we learned what we actually need and what is most important. We love living tiny, so does our animals.


Our happy campers

DSC_0124 (3)


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